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While many think of whiplash as a minor injury, in reality, it can cause significant pain and discomfort, and in severe cases, damage can be permanent.

Symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffness, difficulty moving the head, neck pain and headaches, as well as muscle spasms and pain in your arms and shoulders.

It can take several hours for symptoms to show, and in most cases, these symptoms will worsen over the next couple of days.

If you’ve had an accident recently, it’s important to seek medical advice as soon as possible.

What kind of whiplash accident can I claim for?

Half of all car accidents lead to a whiplash injury. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and you believe the other driver was at fault, making a whiplash claim is the best way forward.

Whiplash can also occur after a slip, trip or fall where the head is subject to sudden movement. Older people, especially those living with arthritis, are especially vulnerable to whiplash injury.

Here at Personal Injury Claim, we understand that being in any kind of accident is traumatic, and making a claim may be the last thing on your mind after such an upsetting event.

However, if you’re facing the loss of wages and costly treatment, then making a claim may provide much needed financial support and we can guarantee that you will get to keep 100% of your compensation if your claim is successful.

If one or more of these statements applies to you, it’s worth getting in touch to explore your options for making a claim.

  • You’ve been involved in a road traffic accident, trip or fall that was not your fault.
  • You’ve noticed whiplash-type symptoms such as pain in your shoulders and back, stiffness in your neck or difficulty moving your head.
  • You’ve been to A&E, seen your GP or received other medical treatment after your accident.
  • You think the pain and discomfort from your whiplash injury will last more than a few days.

How can I get started with a whiplash claim?

If you would like to make a claim for a whiplash injury, your first step is to get in touch with our professional legal advice service as soon as possible.

We’ll talk you through your options and give you all the details you need to proceed and remember, our advice for compensation claims is free.

Simply fill out our online assessment form to give us some initial information and our team of in-house lawyers will use their skills and experience to help you achieve the best outcome for your claim.

Whether your claim is straightforward or a little more complex, our friendly team understand the stress and trauma associated with this type of injury and will do their best to make the process as painless as possible.

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